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8 Tips to Prevent a Hangover


Tips for Preventing a Hangover. These tips are straightforward, in chronological order, and if you choose to follow them, you'll enjoy a relaxing evening and a pleasant morning.

  1. Start with Proper Preparation A substantial meal is crucial. Eating well before drinking slows down alcohol absorption. Opt for a meal rich in protein, fiber, and water. You can go for meat or, if you're vegetarian or vegan, consider hummus and vegetables.

  2. Choose Your Drinks Wisely Alcoholic beverages vary in composition. While they all contain water and ethanol, the other ingredients differ, known as congeners, and they contribute to hangovers. Clear alcohols like vodka have fewer congeners, while darker ones like bourbon contain more. Contrary to a myth, mixing different types of alcohol doesn't necessarily make hangovers worse.

  3. Stay Hydrated Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening to prevent typical hangover symptoms like headaches and dry mouth.

  4. Try Mindflow Hangover Mindflow Hangover is a unique blend of 11 natural ingredients, including milk thistle and prickly pear. It accelerates the breakdown of harmful substances, replenishes essential vitamins and minerals, and boosts the body's antioxidant capacity, protecting it from damage. For more details on how Mindflow Hangover works, check out this article.

  5. Keep Moving Physical activity speeds up metabolism and, to some extent, the breakdown of harmful substances. Fresh air can help relieve acute nausea, so don't hesitate to dance the night away at your next party.

  6. Avoid Smoking Cigarette smoke contains acetaldehyde, the same substance that ethanol is metabolized into, leading to hangovers. Smoking increases its concentration in the body and worsens hangover symptoms.

  7. Get Adequate Sleep Ensure you get at least 7 hours of sleep. Your body needs this time to regenerate, as many hangover symptoms are attributed to sleep deprivation.

  8. Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast A sweet breakfast can help you recover. After a night out, your body needs to replenish sugars, making sweet breakfast or a glass of fruit juice an excellent choice. Don't forget to treat yourself to a cup of coffee.

What to Avoid Having an alcoholic drink in the morning after a night of drinking, colloquially known as "a hair of the dog that bit you," will only delay the hangover, and your liver won't be happy about it either. Painkillers are also not a good solution, as they usually put more strain on the body.

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