8 tips on how not to have a hangover



Tips on how to avoid a hangover. The tips are clear and concise and in chronological order; if you choose to follow them, you will enjoy a relaxing evening and a pleasant morning.


1. Prepare yourself well

    A solid meal is essential. If you eat well before drinking, you will slow down the absorption of alcohol. A meal rich in protein, fiber, and water is ideal. You can go with meat, for example, or perhaps hummus and vegetables if you are vegetarian or vegan.

    2. Drinks matter!

    Alcoholic beverages differ in composition. They all contain water and ethanol, but the other ingredients vary from drink to drink. These variable ingredients are called congeners and are one of the causes of hangovers. Clear alcohols (such as vodka) contain the fewest congeners, while dark alcohols (such as bourbons) contain more of them.

    Bubbly drinks get you drunk faster, but it's a myth that mixing different types of alcohol makes hangovers worse!

    3. Drink soft drinks too

    Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening. This will prevent typical hangover symptoms such as headaches and dry mouth.

    4. Try Mindflow Hangover

    Mindflow Hangover is a unique combination of 11 natural ingredients such as milk thistle and prickly pear.

    It speeds up the breakdown of harmful substances and replenishes the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body loses during the evening. It will also increase the antioxidant capacity of the body, protecting it from damage. A detailed description of the mechanism by which Mindflow Hangover works can be found in this article.

    5. Keep moving during the evening

    The movement will speed up the metabolism and to some extent the breakdown of harmful substances. Fresh air helps relieve acute nausea. So at your next party, feel free to dance your shoes off, it’s good for your health!

    6. Smoking makes hangovers worse

    Cigarette smoke contains acetaldehyde. The same substance that ethanol is metabolized into and causes hangovers. Smoking increases its concentration in the body and makes the hangover worse.

    7. Get some sleep

    Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Your body needs to regenerate and it does this best when you sleep. Studies attribute many of the symptoms we perceive as a hangover to sleep deprivation.

    8. A hearty breakfast

    A sweet breakfast will help you get back on your feet. Your body needs to replenish sugars after a night out, and sweet breakfast or perhaps a glass of fruit juice is best for this purpose. Also, don't be afraid to treat yourself to a cup of coffee.


    What to avoid?

    Having an alcoholic drink in the morning after a night of drinking - a practice colloquially known as "a hair of the dog that bit you" - will only delay the hangover and your liver definitely won't be happy about it either. Pain killers are also not a good solution as they usually put even more strain on the body.

    Do you have any tips of your own on how not to have a hangover? 🙂 Feel free to drop us a line, you can find us on Facebook or Instagram.

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