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How to motivate yourself when working remotely

Lounging on the sofa in your pajamas with your laptop isn't always ideal. The current global pandemic has exposed the pitfalls of remote working.

These tried and tested methods save time, increase productivity, and make you enjoy your work more.

Lack of self-discipline? Replace it with a smart plan!

When working remotely, you are the master of your time, and it's a shame not to take advantage of it. It's up to you whether you work at 9 am or 2 am.

Create a tailored schedule and stick to it. Remember that when working remotely, procrastinating only robs you of time. The chart above shows the results of a survey of office administrators in UK offices.

Decide if you want your freedom to be:

  • a procrastination trap
  • a motivational tool

A smart plan is only truly smart when it reflects your biological needs. Find out which hours you perform best at work. Due to circadian rhythm, most people reach their peak mental performance around 10 am. After 2 pm comes the lull, and reactivity picks up again in the late afternoon. The evening is the best time for physical activity.

What to include in your smart plan:


Wake up early and shift the main bulk of your work to the most productive hours of the morning. You'll be done earlier and save time. A recent large study revealed that falling asleep just an hour earlier (instead of at midnight) can reduce your risk of depression by up to 23%!

A combination of creativity and routine

Routine gives you a sense of security, and creativity develops a personality. Too much of either quickly exhausts the brain. An optimal mix, however, will increase productivity and reduce fatigue. The best ratio of the two is highly individual, and you have to discover it yourself. You can't probably change your workload too much, but you can adapt your leisure time to it. The overall ratio of creativity to routine should be balanced in your days and weeks.

Strategic breaks - 52:17

If you work sitting down, get up every half hour and take a short walk. This will boost circulation and oxygenate your brain. Taking breaks makes you more efficient overall. Draugiem Group is a specialist in technological innovation. It has customers all over the world, and its researchers, using a computer application, have found that the most productive people work in a 52:17 mode - 52 minutes of work and 17 minutes of other activities. You could say it is managed procrastination, but in "your" 17 minutes, you can get a lot of useful things done at home as opposed to the office. Cook a meal, do the laundry, arrange a meeting, shop for floorball equipment, take out the trash, exercise... Of course, this time can also include talking to friends; it's just about being in control of your time. With this rule that resembles the famous Pomodoro Technique, remote work can take on a new dimension, and you can make the most of your time.

What else?

Go to 50 MB/s and beyond

Few things will crush your work drive as thoroughly as a poor internet connection. Don't be afraid to pay extra. Convince your IT to set up the best VPN options for you.

Block your social media and maybe a few other things

Of course not for the whole day, but certainly for the time you've set aside for work. Social networks can be more powerful than your determination to do without them. The biggest distractors are Facebook and Instagram. Use only work-related communication channels. There are smart apps that can block the sites you want to block. For example, e-shops and news sites that tempt you to keep scrolling further and further... You can also set the time when you can visit blocked sites to fit in with your Pomodoro Technique schedule. With some blockers, you can temporarily block specific software and easily avoid playing games, for example.

Keep track of your overtime

The increase in overtime is one of the most surprising consequences of working from home. At home, there's no stopping you. It's easy to talk yourself into "getting this last thing done." But then you find yourself staring at work-related documents at midnight... Take advantage of smart timers and keep your overtime under control.

Get out and move

Socialize and get some fresh air. Both of these things will energize you. Exercise increases productivity and mental performance. Set a specific goal you want to achieve - like the number of steps you take each day - and get a pedometer, smartwatch, or download a free step-counting app. Agree with colleagues to do regular online workouts together a few times a week. You'll strengthen team relationships and enjoy your work a little more.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right," (Henry Ford)


Grow. Sign up for courses that will take your professional knowledge to the next level. If you're good at something, you enjoy it more. Insider found that rich and successful people watch much less TV and read less for fun. Even leisure time can be an investment that motivates you to be successful. Try to keep things under control and consciously work on your positive attitude. Smart mixes of effective adaptogens and mental boosters, such as our Advanced Mind or Stress-Free, can also support your efforts.

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