Live to the fullest, but in good health.

Not only lifestyle sustainability is essential for us. The sustainability of our actions towards nature is also a key issue. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us minimize waste.

Goodbye plastic

The plastic packaging rang. Instead of them, you will find sustainable glass packaging, which is absolutely harmless to health and does not release any substances. And their biggest advantage? Possibility of recycling and repeated use.

You give us the packaging, we give you a discount

The ideal waste is no waste. We follow this motto when it comes to packaging. However, if the cover has already been created, let's make the most of it. Have you accumulated 5 glass bottles from Mindflow capsules at home? Send them back to us at our expense, we will use them again and we will also reward you with a discount of CZK 50 on your next purchase.

How to do it?

Simply fill out the form
We will generate a code for the nearest Post Office
And it is done! After receiving the packaging, we will send a coupon of the corresponding value

Get a discount on your next purchase.

I want to return the packaging

We are betting on the future

Today we can sort the packaging, recycle it, use it for other purposes... But what about tomorrow? Tomorrow we can also support nature financially. Every month, 1% of the total value of all orders will be transferred to the account of The Ocean Cleanup or We Bet on the Future .

Together we breathe new life into the packaging

Did you know that glass containers with lids are great for seasoning? All you have to do is pour in your favorite spices, describe, and the handy spice rack is ready.

A great second life for a glass container will also be a home for a small seed that will sprout into your joy. Add a decorative ribbon or linen string, pluck meadow flowers and use the packaging to create a small vase that brings a touch of home into the space. Don't worry, the special label is easy to peel off.

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