We develop products for the proper functioning of the body in the demanding conditions of the 21st century.

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Od nápadu k produktu


In the beginning, there is an idea for a product that will help with a problem that we usually solve ourselves and for which we cannot find a high-quality product on the market. You often give us tips too. Thank you for them!


We obtain maximum information about the issue, read studies on individual substances and together with experts we put together composition proposals.


We contact suppliers for individual substances, check the quality of raw materials and the content of active substances.

Product testing

We test substances and produce the most suitable composition and amount of substances so that we ourselves are satisfied with their quality.

The resulting product

We ship the product to the world. However, we continue to monitor the latest scientific findings, adjust the product composition and develop improved versions.

Cooperation with experts

We collaborate with industry experts, doctors, scientists and professional athletes on development and testing.

We work together
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