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Advanced Mind 2.0

Advanced Mind 2.0

Nové vylepšené složení verze 2.0 produktu Mindflow Advanced Mind! Úspěch je běh na dlouhou trať, ale s lepší koncentrací, pamětí a celkovou funkcí mozku budete svým cílům blíž. Objevte vědecky podloženou unikátní kombinaci 8 látek, která vám při pravidelném užívání pomůže efektivněji zvládat více mentální práce.

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Satisfaction guarantee

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Free shipping over €60

Free shipping over €60

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Czech product

Czech product

Made in the Czech Republic with respect to the environment.

No unnecessary additives svg

No unnecessary additives

Maximum efficacy svg

Maximum efficacy

Vegan svg


About the product


Long-term support of brain functions

Are you on your way towards achieving your work and study goals? You are heading in the right direction! Advanced Mind will help you manage more mental work in the long run. It improves memory, logical thinking, and concentration. And stress? Say goodbye to that.


We believe in science, not superstitions


Improved learning and memory

All substances contained in the capsule help with the learning process [1] [2] – from the perception of information, to processing and storage. Phosphatidylserine and bacopa improve the formation of memory and retention of information. [3] [4]


Anxiety reduction

Gotukola and Ashwagandha reduce the feeling of anxiety in the long term, which enhances your overall well-being and helps to achieve better results. [5] [6]


Long-term increase of attention span

Bacopa increases the stimulation of neurons in the brain, while vitamin D3 improves visual memory. [7]


Adaptogens in the capsule

Bacopa Monieri

300 mg

The extract and antioxidant high in bacosides stimulates concentration and helps with memory.


250 mg

An important part of neurons. Strengthens the transmission of nerve impulses, improves memory, and keeps the mind clear.

Vitamin D3

20 µg

In the long run, it helps to improve visual memory.

Gotu Kola

500 mg

Gotu Kola extract helps to reduce tension and boosts memory.


150 mg

It reduces stress and anxiety and also helps with complex brain functions.

Vegan capsule

120 mg

We wrap it all in fully vegan cellulose capsules.


How to use the product?

When to use? svg

When to use?

In the morning or in the evening together with a meal.

How many capsules? svg

How many capsules?

2 capsules

Take with water svg

Take with water

Wash down with a glass of water for proper dissolving and absorption.

Further information svg

Further information

Take for three weeks, then take a small break for a week.

Mindflow bundles with this product


Focus or Decaf are products designed for immediate stimulation and concentration. You can expect their effects, which last 3-5 hours, to start within 20 minutes. Advanced Mind contains substances that have an effect when taken over a long period of time, and their benefits are also long lasting. Together, they complement each other perfectly.

Yes, these products are not mutually exclusive. Advanced Mind is recommended to be taken in the morning or in the evening with food, Focus/Decaf 20 minutes before the desired effect. These products are synergistic and together, they will help you to get closer to your goals.

When taken for 2-4 weeks, you can expect improved memory, easier information processing, better concentration, less stress, or better logical thinking. These effects are longer term..

You will achieve the best results when taking 2 capsules per day for 3-4 weeks.

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